Home equity line of credit

There are many advantages to a equity line of credit. You can use it to fund a renovation project or pay off your debts. Talk to your The Mortgage Processing Centre.ca mortgage broker to learn more.

The idea behind a home equity line of credit is to allow you to borrow an amount equivalent to up to 65% of the current value of your home without incurring any additional notary’s fees.

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You may have kids that have dreams and aspirations for their education past high school, but they may be holding back on their potential due to education cost. Did you know you can refinance or use your Home equity line of credit to jump start their future?

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Also, interest on the line of credit is calculated each month only on the amount used. Another specific benefit of a mortgage line of credit is that if you are expecting to receive a large sum of money, there are no limits as to how much principal you can repay, and no penalties.

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Have you been thinking for a while about doing some renovations? Would you like to renovate your bathroom to increase the value of your home? Did you know you could refinance your mortgage to free up the money you need to pay for your renovations?

The Mortgage Processing Centre.ca’s mortgage brokers are here to answer all your questions and explain your options for making your plans happen.